Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sinucleanse Spammers and other Neti Pot Promoters

It looks like my blog has been hit by a wave of spammers promoting their neti pots and nasal irrigation systems.

I guess I was a little surprised that Sinucleanse, a reputable ( I think) company, employed multiple ( or 1 guy posing as multiple people) spammers to link to several landing pages owned by Sinucleanse in the comments.

Here's a tip: If you want a link on my blog and/or neti/sinus health related websites, ASK. If you want me to promote your book, send me a review copy. Or simply ask me to write a post or make a link to it. Not hard to do. If you don't know how to contact me, just ask me in the comments.

You know what isn't cool? Leaving multiple irrelevant comments on many posts. Furthermore, if you post a comment on my blog but delete my comments ( and fail to respond to simple requests/questions) on your blog, I'm deleting your comment ASAP.

If you are a neti pot user and you want to make a real comment ( sorry "John" and "Bob" and your duplicate low quality comments), with a link to your personal blog, that's cool with me. But if you are a fake guy named "John" who claims to manufacture furniture for a living, while getting paid to spam by Sinucleanse on the side- Get lost.

For what it's worth, I deal with many reputable companies when it comes to internet marketing promotion. They know how to ask for links and get them.

I contacted Sinucleanse to inquire about giving them some legit promo/ads/links/whatever. In other words I wanted to see if they operated like other legit companies or preferred the low-rent spammer approach. I guess I got my answer.

So I will be removing the spam comments from:

John- , links to "neti pot"-
John again with "nasal irrigation"-

Sinucleanse- Why would you want to "remove your nasal cavity"?

"netipot"- ( this is a site owned by Sinucleanse for seo/spamming purposes, I assume).


"nasal irrigation"-

John, again.
WTF, John?
"neti pots"-

John, again
nasal irrigation-
Julie ( for sinucleanse!)-, "neti pots"

and "Trance Junkie" for

Thanks, guys.