Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saline Packets for Neti Pots

If you use a neti pot ( sometimes called a nose bidet), it is important to use quality refill salt ( saline) packets. Saline solution can also be bought by the jar. The saline is a central ingredient of the sinus cleansing process. The neti should not be used without it. You may purchase saline refill packets and solution and other neti pot supplies here:


Renee said...

My brother just got Neti Pot for Christmas and it has been very helpful!
I just read an article about Neti Pots as well that was intriguing at Antibiotics talking about how to use a Neti Pot that was really intriguing

Trance Junkie said...

I have allergic rhinitis and am a huge fan of neti pot usage. Nasal rinsing using the neti pot has helped me greatly to reduce nasal congestion and maintain overall health of nasal and sinus cavities. It's natural and safe so I highly recommend it.

Julie said...

Thanks For Sharing us. But neti pots is yet far ahead than saline refill.