Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apparently Americans Don't know how to spell "nose bidet"

This is a blog about Neti Pots. If you didn't know, a net pot is also called a "nose bidet." When I started a little site about my nose bidet last year, it never occurred to me that "bidet" was a word many could not spell. I read this article the other day :Americans Want, Can't Spell Nose Bidet.

Apparently, many Americans spell it as nose beday, baday, biday, and even bedae. Sinucleanse learned this by bidding on these keywords in Adwords ( Google's Pay-Per-Click search). What I found interesting was that despite bidding on search results, no one bothered to actually register some of the available domains. Maybe the typo traffic wasn't worth the 5 bucks a year.

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